Medical Claims Analysis System
“Reddy Software Solutions provided in-depth project analysis and planning that resulted in realistic delivery dates and cost estimates. The development process was thoughtful, collaborative, responsive, and professional. They met my goal of a high-quality, useful, and reliable IT solution. I will continue to rely on their proven expertise.”
 ~Patricia A. Gelnar, Founder, Graphic Surgery, LLC.
 Call Center Database Performance Tuning
“When our call center operations began to suffer due to database issues a colleague recommended Reddy Software Solutions. The service provided went above and beyond my expectations. The gains we realized were incredible. The consultant was thorough, courteous, and very open to sharing his knowledge with my team. I highly recommend these guys.”
 ~Natalya MacMorran, Senior DBA, Realtime Results
 U.S. Currency Inspection System
“The engineer at Reddy Software Solutions that worked on my project was highly motivated and extremely knowledgeable. He worked very well with our team as well as our valued client. Reddy Software Solutions is clearly abreast of the latest technologies. I look forward to working with them again.”
 ~Reed Hannebaum, Senior Project Manager, MAVERICK Technologies
 Trustworthy Partner
“We've used Reddy Software Solutions over the years to provide a number of development services - an automated web-based reporting system, our corporate intranet, and most recently an eLearning program to help train and test employees. They've turned vision into reality for us many times over. We will being doing business with them again very soon”
 ~Mike Van Well, IT Director, Mitch Murch's Maintenance Management Co.
 Extra Horsepower
“We run a very dynamic and growing business. ReddySS steps in during busy times to help us with SQL Server and .NET development tasks, effectively eliminating the need for us to hire an additional full-time employee. They're responsive, professional, and efficient. I would recommend them to anyone requiring quick turn-around on their IT projects.”
 ~Kevin Feager, Senior Analyst/Project Manager - HAL Systems,Inc.
"Technology changes at a mystifying pace. This 'change' that is so evident rarely constitutes any significant deal of true 'progress'. Yet every day individuals and companies alike waste an absurd amount of time and money in an attempt to keep up.  I founded Reddy Software Solutions in 2006 so that I could share with others what I have come to realize after 13 years of in this ever-changing industry.  That technology, implemented soundly and responsibly, saves money."
  ~Pat Reddy, Owner Reddy Software Solutions, Inc.

Our Company

Reddy Software Solutions is a St. Louis based IT consulting firm specializing in software engineering services. From small start-ups to major corporations Reddy Software solutions delivers tools that maximize efficiency and minimize risk. We focus primarily on Microsoft technologies and a proven business-oriented approach to help our clients determine if and how technology can be used to give them the competitive edge they require.

Our experienced consultants have the know-how to implement solutions in a variety of industries.  We have extensive experience in the following fields:

 Small Business Management  Medical Insurance & Coding  Corporate Finance
 Industrial Controls & Automation  Barge Transportation  Rail Transportation
 Call Center Management  Estimating and Bidding  Manufacturing

We develop software systems for a wide variety of platforms including Windows Applications, Websites, Intranets, Mobile Computing, Windows Services, Web Services, SQL Server Databases, and more.

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